About us

about spindrop

Spindrop is the world's first mashup radio! Non-stop, ad-free, fully automatic, custom beat-matched music. Pick your favorite music genre and artists; then just sit back and enjoy perfect beat-matched transitions, across a variety of different mix modes and effects.
No more pauses or dead air during your party, workout, or wedding. Using our patented beat-match technology, Spindrop seamlessly transitions between songs. As one song ends, Spindrop automatically mixes to the next. Or just push a button and Spindrop will seamlessly generate beat-matched transitions at your fingertips.
We've used Spindrop for weddings, dances, formals, bars, live shows, and personal workouts. You'll find that Spindrop renders high-fidelity and great-sounding mixes that sound better than many live professional DJs.
One week free trial followed by weekly subscription of $0.99/week. Full app features cannot be accessed without subscription. So download and subscribe today!